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Blended Margarita

With science and a little bit of magic, we created the Dry Cocktail™!

The Dry Cocktail™ allows you to take your cocktail wherever you want-- it’s TSA friendly, doesn’t take up space, and is perfectly portioned. Each stick pack contains one cocktail per standard pour of alcohol. There is no need to run to the store for more limes, gather bar equipment, make simple syrup, or weigh and measure out ingredients. One packet fits in your pocket!

The Dry Cocktail™ was made to impress the mixologist and it’s flavor exemplifies that: an exquisite powder form of the perfect flavor profile to accompany your spirit of choice.

We use the same philosophy of sourcing the best ingredients, flavors and science towards all our cocktails.
Blended Margarita
Blended Margarita

Most fresh juices and mixer ingredients have a shelf life, refrigerated or not.

Once a bottle or can is opened, it’s usually only good for five days. The Dry Cocktail™ needs no refrigeration and each individual cocktail is packaged for sustainability. The juice in the Dry Cocktail™ is as fresh tasting as if it were fresh squeezed, and the flavors are in harmony as if you had visited the most well heeled cocktail bar and asked for their speciality. The Dry Cocktail™ means no more throwing out half a lime, expired mixers, or wondering how old is that dusty bottle of bitters? We no longer need to look to liquid mixers-- we don’t need them. They’re costly, take up too much space, and are loaded with preservatives. The Dry Cocktail™ takes all the guess work out of preparation and creates your perfect cocktail, wherever you are.

New Fashioned began with the Old Fashioned. We realized if we wanted to deliver genuine and exceptional classic cocktails, we needed to find a way to use the same or better ingredients.

We decided we needed to start from scratch, so that meant making our own bitters for the best flavor profile for an Old Fashioned. We researched countless recipes dating a century back and we refined our recipe to exemplify the best craft cocktail you would have at a high-end bar. Whether it’s to use Madagascar or Tahitian vanilla beans, or what type of dark cherry for the right balance of tartness and bitter punch, we went on a journey to R&D the best flavor profile. The point is not just to make bitters, but to reinvent the way we create an Old Fashioned. We created an Old Fashioned that’s delicious and perfect from the first sip to last drop.
Blended Margarita
Blended Margarita

Whenever life hands you a little spirit, New Fashioned is there to make it an Exceptional Cocktail!