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Q: I don’t like tequila, can I try the Margarita with a different spirit?
A: Of course! You’re in charge of your spirit selection so choose whatever you like! As a guideline, clear spirits taste best with the Margarita and brown spirits blend well with the Old Fashioned.

Q: I don’t have a home bar setup. Can I still make a cocktail?
A: With us you can! A bar setup is not a requirement to make these drinks. 50 ml of spirit, ice, a glass and something to stir with is all you need!

Q: Do I need to sign for my package like other cocktail or alcohol deliveries?
A: Nope! Our products do not contain any alcohol and are totally dry, so no need to sign off 21+ or to worry about broken glass or leaks!

Q: I don’t have a blender, can I still make a blended Margarita?
A: Kinda! You can freeze it! Mix all ingredients together in a mason jar or empty bottle, but instead of ice, add water and your spirit of choice. Put in the freezer and give it a good shake every 20 minutes for the first hour. Voila! You got a pre-batched blended Margarita!

Q: Why do I need to use 2 Dry Cocktail Margarita servings to make one blended Margarita?
A: The answer is dilution! For a Margarita on the rocks, the ice is simply chilling your drink, not over-watering it down. With a frozen Margarita, you’re blending up all the ice in with the cocktail and all that ice equals more dilution (water). The 2 servings simply balance out the extra ice dilution and gives you the same intense flavor as if you were sipping it on the rocks.

Q: Can I take this on a plane? Is it TSA friendly?
A: Absofruitly. It’s the same as bringing your own Splenda for your coffee on the plane.

Q: What if I’m served a cup or glass with ice in it and a mini bottle on the side? Do I need to start with an empty glass for a Dry Cocktail to mix properly?
A: No extra glass needed! Just pour your spirit over the ice and then pour the powder. Dissolves easily in the cold!

Q: My powder didn't dissolve and sat in the bottom of my glass! What do I do?
A: Stir that drink!  Since the fruits in our Dry Cocktails are so natural, they contain pectin, which is a natural thickener. In the presence of acid and sugar, the pectin molecules dissolve (so stir that booze and powder, and give it another good stir when you add ice (steps 3 and 5). 
Unlike certain fruit drinks that you can also use to color your hair (Oh yeah!), our powders get a little help from stirring to emulsify into your perfect cocktail, giving it fullness and roundness on the palate.
Fun note: Sometimes a residual powder will be on the bottom of your glass after you've enjoyed your cocktail. This is where "second drink" comes in!  Splash a little more booze in that glass!  Second drink!

Q: How do I measure 50 ml of spirit?
A: It’s about an ounce and a half, a shot and a splash, a mini bottle! Your measurement doesn’t have to be perfect. It’s your drink, you can make it high octane or low octane depending on how you like it!

Q: Are you going to have more Dry Cocktails other than the Old Fashioned and Margarita?
A: Yes! This is just the beginning. If you haven’t signed up for our newsletter already, sign up
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