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  • Margarita
    Dry Cocktail

    Enjoy a juicy Margarita year round, wherever
    you are. No bar needed!

  • Old Fashioned
    Dry Cocktail

    Great from the first sip to the last drop, welcome to the perfect Old Fashioned.

Say hello to the 

Dry Cocktail™

We've transformed real fruits and spices into a perfect powder bringing you classic cocktail templates to pair with your favorite spirit. Exceptional Drinking, anywhere!

Mixologist Created

Dry Cocktails™ are made from real fruits and spices.  With a little bit of science and magic, it's like having a bartender in your pocket!

No Bar Equipment Needed

We spent years perfecting our recipe to give you the freedom to easily mix the perfect drink; no shaking, measuring, or squeezing!

On The Go- Wherever You Are!

There's no limit to where you can take Dry Cocktails™. The small, dry, and lightweight packets can be taken anywhere!

Margarita Dry Cocktail



Old Fashioned Dry Cocktail



Margarita Dry Cocktail



Five Easy Steps

Tear Open Stick Pack!

Pour Contents Into Glass!

Add 50ml Spirit of Your Choice!

Stir to Dissolve!

Add Ice & Enjoy!

“New Fashioned Dry Cocktail mixers are perfect, and they’re not only great for traveling“

- Forbes

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"Save on cooler space and day drink in style"

- Thrillist

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"Best Portable Camping Cocktail"

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"So on point...I pulled out the Margarita packet and whipped up a drink that almost rivaled the bar downstairs"

- CNMN Magazine

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"I'm not gonna lie, I'm just so surprised. That is frickin good dude!"

- Educated Barfly

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"New Fashioned takes all the guesswork out of preparation and creates your perfect cocktail, wherever you are."

- Bevnet

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