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The Dry Cocktail. A new style to better drinks.
 What does the future of classic cocktails look like? Coast to coast, there is a proliferation of cocktail bars that range from excellent to haphazard. The terminology of a craft cocktail is the same, but the quality is vastly different. To make a contemporary craft cocktail you have a number of things you need for balance: the right ingredients, seasonality, crystal clear ice, and an array of tools and skills. So how do you ensure you have a great cocktail wherever you go? What variable matters the most? Even the best bartenders in the world have an off-night, most places don’t have an ice program (yeah, that’s a thing) and maybe you just don’t wanna go out every time you want a quality drink.
So what’s left? The ingredients. It’s not 1990, but some bars are still using sweet and sour mix and corn syrup sweeteners. It’s also not 1960, where you chose between a high end fresh pressed juice cocktail bar or a pull-tab beer dive bar. The template of cocktail flavors has not changed, but cheap short-cut ingredients have made their way in. It’s not a question of this or that, it’s a question of what else. Why are we looking at liquids at all? This is where we come in. We’ve developed cocktail flavor profiles from real ingredients to bring classic cocktail templates to pair with your favorite spirits. Taking real fruits,spices and a little bit of magic and transforming it into a perfect powder, we created the Dry Cocktail. A powder form of the perfect flavor profile to accompany your spirit of choice. We use the same philosophy of sourcing the best ingredients, flavors and science towards all our cocktails. 

The Founder & Creator
Mikki Kristola is the (human) magic behind New Fashioned. Born and raised in the Midwest, she first jumped into the world of hospitality as a side gig to being a theatre kid in high school and continued waiting tables throughout college, where she pursued theatre studies. She moved to the Windy City to try out for Chicago Shakespeare Theater, but didn't get in (boo!), so detoured into bartending, improv, and sketch comedy instead (hooray!). Like most Midwest actors, she eventually decided to seek a warmer climate in Los Angeles — and hospitality soon became a full-time passion. She went on to mix libations for some of the city's most notable hotspots, including a tenure at The Varnish (which has long been credited with shaping L.A.’s craft cocktail scene) and co-partner of The Streamliner (which was dubbed one of Esquire's "Best Bars in America"). Before focusing solely on cocktails, she was also a pastry chef at Mozza, Nancy Silverton's critically acclaimed Italian restaurant.
 Mikki's cocktail recipes have been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Drew Lazor’s Session Cocktails (Ten Speed Press, 2018). In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, drinking martinis and wrangling cats & dogs. She started her own foundation, Smokey's Good Boys, named after her late beloved dog, which is dedicated to funding research for canine cancer treatment.